My Sock Yarn continues

So after crocheting my first pair of socks, I liked the idea of making my own socks and decided to knit a pair. The only problem was I am not good at knitting with 4 needles! A while back I tried, unsuccessfully, to knit a pair of fingerless mittens using 4 needles; and between dropping the needles and getting ladders up the sides, I gave up.

I follow some knitting vloggers on YouTube who all make successful socks. I watched their videos and got some ideas for their different ways to knit socks. My favourite method was knitting in the round using the magic loop method on a circular needle (and the bonus was no ladders and no purl rows to knit, apart from the heels).

First DK knitted socks

For an easy starter sock using DK weight yarn, I knit the Toe-up Socks using German Short Rows pattern from Very Pink. The socks are knit toe up so they can be tried on as you knit them. Both the toes and heels are knit using German short rows and Staci at Very Pink includes video tutorials which are easy to follow and back up the pattern.

Success! I had a pair of socks which fitted 😊. However, being DK weight they are too thick to wear with my normal size shoes/trainers but would be ideal in the winter inside a boot.

First 4ply knitted socks

Great, now to knit a pair of 4 ply socks and maybe I will have nice socks like the vloggers I follow. As I found the previous pattern easy to follow, I bought the Loaded German Short Row Socks from Very Pink which is a 4 ply pattern. I knit these in the round using the magic loop method with a 3mm circular needle. I used West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply which was 75% wool (contains 35% Bluefaced Leicester) and 25% nylon. These socks were a little big, probably due to using a 3mm needle rather than the 2.75mm recommended in the pattern and I could feel the rows of knitting on my heel. Is this the way hand knitted socks feel or am I just used to the fineness commercial socks?

Next time, I’ll tell you about the last (and best so far) pair of socks on the line .

Thanks for reading

Woolwoman (Andrea)

My Sock Yarn

This is my very first blog mainly about the crafts that I love – most or all involving wool. My dad taught me to knit when I was aged about seven on small red plastic needles. He was taught to knit as part of the war effort to knit scarfs and socks for soldiers in World War II. I liked the feel of the wool and how it kept my hands occupied and that from a ball of wool I could make something. The first item I knit was a scarf for a doll with fringes. A bit wonky, but I was so pleased.

Throughout my life I have knit, taught myself to crochet, weave, machine knit, felted and made some Dorset Buttons. I am no expert in any but I do enjoy it. Anyway, that’s enough about me – onto the mains.

At the moment, I have got the sock bug. Below are the socks I have crocheted and knit in the past year or so.

Socks on the washing line

The first pair of socks I made were crocheted (far right). I attended a Sock Crochet class at a local Wool Shop over two Saturday mornings. I have basic crochet skills and they were made mainly with single crochet but I found them quite intense and the wool kept splitting. I made a second sock but did not enjoy making them. They are also quite thick and fit more like a boot – they will do for bedtime but crochet socks are not for me.

Crochet Socks

I will continue my Sock Yarn next time about my experience with the middle pair of socks on the washing line.

Speak to you soon!

Woolwoman (Andrea)